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All kinds of electrical & control systems

SFA-Electric is based on trust and 100% customer satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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We offer site assistance

SFA-Electric Aps offers construction, commissioning, design, manufacture, test and installation of all kinds of electrical & control systems. SFA-Electric Aps also offers site assistance; have done several jobs as customer’s representative (consultant) as Senior Electrical Engineer.

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owner has +25 years of experience

Was founded in 2003

Experience from Off-shore (fixed and mobile units), Cruise ships, Private Yachts, Container ships, Solar energy installations, all kinds of industrial installations,  pharmaceutical/biotech facilities and Refinery (Note: List is not complete).

SFA-Electric Aps has done several jobs with all elements involved: Quotation, design, specification of materials, purchase of materials, construction, test/commissioning and final hand over.

SFA-Electric Aps was founded in 2003 and owner has +25 years of experience from almost all over the world; Qatar, USA, England, New Zealand, Greenland etc.

Note: If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact. With +25 years of worldwide experience SFA-Electric Aps can cover close to all electrical/instrumentation tasks.

SFA-Electric Aps is based on trust and 100% customer satisfaction

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